About Us

Providing fashion, bringing strong women together and embracing ourselves. We may sell the clothing but it's you that make our pieces unique and stunning x1,000. The way you wear it, the glow you illuminate, the level up on confidence and the new styling trends that you apply to it. 

We don’t don’t see gender. So if it fits, wear it babe and embrace you!

However you identify as, welcome gorgeous!!

We look forward to extending our range in the future. All dreams start off small and we look forward to providing more glamour and sparkle.


One day, I just woke up and I didn’t want to just exist. I wanted to spread myself thin on things in life that made me feel ALIVE! To live each day to my full potential, doing what I loved.

I knew by not pursuing my dream, it would make me unsuccessful in my life. I would have failed myself, simply because I didn’t try.

So here I am trying and spreading myself thin for something I love.

I now know, I am successful no matter what because I am living my dream. Each action, decision or habit I allow, writes my future and my story.

My passion has always been fashion and I grew up in that world. But, the fashion world can be so cruel. Pitting girls against each other. I want to build connections, show case positivity and love. This page may be the “About Us” but I want to know. Will you join the Stevie Jayne community? Be apart of this journey together? As there is no us, without you!!

Keep Shinning. 

Sunshine xo